Treated Pine Wood Decks

wood decks
Treated Pine Deck with Handrail

Wood Decks have durable versatility

The beauty and durable versatility of treated pine wood decks in Dallas compares to the beauty of redwood decks and allows us to create the ultimate in custom wood decks while keeping the cost of building deck as low as possible considering the high quality of workmanship we insist on in every step of the wood deck installation process. Building a patio of any style or description with pine decking allows us to take advantage of the treating process and finishes that create a strong and comfortable surface which retains the natural beauty, resilience and heat deflecting properties of natural pine. That is why every pressure treated lumber deck we build, whether with pine or with cedar decking, redwood decking or any other material that our customers select with our expert advice, maintains its beauty and durability no matter how often it is used. And by building decks that last, we at have built up our lasting reputation as the leading custom deck builders and general outdoor contractor in the Dallas metropolitan area.

 Wood Decks can be yours for a low price

This multilevel deck and overhead patio deck can now be yours at a price lower than you may have ever expected, because the price of the top quality material that goes into every one of our pressure treated lumber wood decks has never been lower. Our special arrangements with our suppliers enable us to take advantage of the best prices and terms for pressure treated wood decking, and we pass that savings on to you by lowering the cost of building deck without compromising our legendary quality in any way whatsoever.

 Wood Decks or Wood Patios?

Wood patios are but one of our specialties and as seen above we can create a wood patio for you that becomes part of an original and exclusive outdoor environment, just as we can create a ground floor multi level deck or a simple flat wood patio. To find out more, please call us at (972) 272-0554 or ask for a free estimate. There is never any obligation when you contact us to find out how we can build  wood decks that gives you years of comfort and beauty at a price you can certainly afford.