Planning For Your New Wooden Deck

Planning for a Wooden Deck
A Wooden Deck can add New Demensions to Outdoor Living

Adding a Wooden Deck is a extended Outdoor Living Area so planning out the location correctly is important. While in the planning stages  it can also be as important to consider other things such as shape, size, one level or multi level and additions like adding a garden fountain or pond, Fire pit, built in BBQ grill, benches, built in planter, Shade Pergola, lighting. Electrical for ceiling fans or outdoor TV. Backyard decks are very much in fashion these days. You can either hire a professional deck builder for this task or can build your own wooden deck with a little planning and research.

Here are some tips that hopefully you can use to design and construct an attractive and usable Wooden Deck for your home.

1- Planing out the location for your Wooden Deck.

The location of your Wooden Deck area is something that would greatly affect the time you spend here with family and friends. There are various points that you must consider before selecting a particular area like the direction of sun. Sun can really harm the appearance and color of your wooden deck. A good way through which you can protect your deck from sun and water is to apply a good stain, sealer and UV protectant after installation.

Consider the slope of the ground. This can affect how you plan to build. You may need to use skirting or you may want to use multi levels. This can add a lot of personality to your Wooden Deck.

Do you plan on having any landscaping done? You may want to include some planting areas in designing the shape.

2- Tools and equipment needed to build your new Wooden Deck:

If you are building your own Wooden Deck then you will need a wide variety of tools and equipments to complete this task. Some essential things that you would need are shovel, post hole diggers, speed square, carpenters pencil, saw horses, drill and/or maybe a nail gun, hammer, nail set, circular saw, carpenter’s level, wheelbarrow, tape measure, and safety eye wear.

3- Essential materials required for construction of a Wooden deck.

If you are not hiring a professional constructor or contractor then you have to order your own materials. Always order a little overage on the materials so that you can be picky with the wooden deck boards you use and then you can always return what you don’t choose to use.  You will require joist hangers, joist hanger nails, proper Wooden Deck screws and/or deck connectors (there are also hidden connectors). One brand I like to use is (Tiger Claw) and pre-mix concrete for the construction work.

4- Choose a good style and design of you Wooden Deck.

It is very essential for you to choose a deck design and style that would look good with the rest of your house. You can find ideas on home improvement websites operating on the internet. You can also take opinions and ideas from your family members and friends. Looking at other wood decks would also give you a good idea of the deck design you are looking for.

5. Choosing the wood for your new Wooden Deck.

There are various types of wood available in the market that you can choose for your deck, but always keep in mind that the wood should be durable and long lasting. You can select from Cedar, Redwood, Trex, Correct Deck, or other Composite Woods, Pressure Treated Lumber, Ipe, Garapa, Massaranduba, Cumaru and other Tropical Hardwoods.

Making the right decisions like  location, an attractive design and the right materials can really make a wooden deck usable or unusable .  If you would like help making these decisions from a very experienced  and knowledgeable Dallas Wooden Deck Builder. now might be a good time to Get a Free Quote. Who knows, we may be running a Special.

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