Adding a Backyard Deck to Extend Your Living Space

By Terry Campbell

A Backyard Deck is almost a must in Dallas Tx and can be an extension of your living space for entertaining family and friends while adding to the value of your home. First you need to consider a few things like budget, architecture of your home, landscape, family needs and your lifestyle. If you are on a tight budget then you can do this in steps while taking into consideration what the completed project will be.

When you’ve decided to build a Backyard Deck you will then want to check with your local building department on what their requirements are like easements or restrictions. Before construction starts it is always good to have your local utility companies mark any underground utilities. A good deck contractor will do this.

Will your Backyard Deck be made of wood and if so will it be pressure treated pine, cedar or redwood that will require maintenance from time to time like that will need a good wood preservative or will it be an exotic hard wood or composite deck material that requires less attention? Will it be constructed with screws or nails? Check with your supplier to make sure that you get the best fasteners for you application if doing this yourself.

You can make your new Backyard Deck an outdoor living room with a fireplace or fire pit with a outdoor kitchen complete with a sink with running water, built in gas grill and refrigerator or just a deck with a portable gas or charcoal grill.

Consider shading your Backyard Deck with a pergola or getting a little more protection from the rain with a shingled roof  deck cover over the area and maybe install a set of french doors linking the indoors out to your new backyard paradise.

A nice water feature like a fish pond with a waterfall is a great addition to your Backyard Deck and  can add a relaxing touch for those days when you want to nap in your rope hammock or use your laptop surfing the internet. You can add a gas heater for the cooler days or screen it in to keep those pesky bugs out while still letting the breeze flow through.

To finish off your Backyard Deck add lighting, ceiling fan, outdoor rug, outdoor furniture, landscaping, wall mounted LCD TV and outdoor art work.

As you can see the possibilities for a Backyard Deck are endless and this will give you endless memories for you family and friend photo albums. See more Backyard Deck

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