Patio Covers, the Solution

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                          Patio Covers, The Solution

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Aside from the obvious spots like the Nevada desert, sunny Cali, and the Mojave desert, Dallas and the north central Texas area receives some of the hottest summers known in the States. Now consider our winters; known to reach as low as 15 °F, it can get pretty damn cold here as well.
Now think about your patio. It’s beautiful right?
However, think about it; how often do you actually use it? You have a beautiful patio, complete with a sweet barbeque set up, chairs, 56” LCD and probably a propane heater but how many times have you been totally geared up to get your buddies over to watch the game, get the barbeque fired up and have a great time until you actually get outside, and either find your patio covered in melted snow (you know the sludgy crap) or it’s too damn hot to step foot on?
The solution is called patio covers. This will not only add beauty and value to your home but will solve the above problems.
Designed to keep your patio in perfect condition for those beautiful days when a patio party is just what you need, patio covers keep your patio clean, snow free and also keep the sun off it, meaning no more blistered feet because of the heat and not to mention they can protect that expensive patio furniture you just bought.

Now, patio covers are a dime a dozen, but here’s the thing.

I’m not just a patio covers fitter; I BUILD them. Yes, I build custom patio covers, meaning no matter what shape or size your patio is, I design and build patio covers to suit any homes architecture. I can build it to stand on its own, or build it perfectly into your homes roof.
My favored material for a patio covers structure is cedar, as we all know how absolutely beautiful cedar patio covers look and blend with our backyard gardens. Below is a list of the types of patio covers I do (there’s a lot of them!):
•    Lean-to
•    Single sloped
•    Free standing
•    Gable
•    Hip
•    Gable with a gable
•    Hip with a gable
•    Composition shingle
These can also be built using standing seam metal or translucent polycarbonate materials; it’s really your choice.
Think about how important your patio is to you; a patio cover will enhance your patio, keeping it safe from the elements, and always ready to use. No more cancelling parties or get togethers!
A patio cover will solve all the problems that accompany having a spectacular patio, especially the biggest problem of patios:
Ever seen what happens to mortar (the stuff keeping your patio together) when it’s heated and then frozen over and over? Well, I’ll tell you. The mortar expands and contracts, and if this happens enough, it will break and form cracks, cracks that will grow over time. Basically, your patio will look worn, ruined and generally crappy.

Patio covers will solve this problem,

as it will protect your patio from the rapid heating and cooling caused by our incredibly hot summers, and incredibly cold winters.

Get a patio cover, and take care of your patio today. Don’t worry about the design of your house, my specialization allows me to custom build any types of the patio covers  mentioned above to suit your needs.  We also do screened in covers to keep all those pesky bugs and Texas size mosquito’s out.
Get a patio cover, and increased the life of your patio significantly. It could mean the difference between a great summer, and one that sucks. It’s your choice. Call 972-272-0554. We give free quotes for patio covers in the Dallas, Plano, McKinney and Rockwall areas so, what are you waiting for?