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Wood Decks
Pine Deck with 45 Degree Angle Pattern

 Wood Decks, the Ultimate in Convenience.

Wood Decks represent the ultimate in convenience and comfort as it adds beauty and functionality to a home and its surroundings. When the expert custom wood deck builders at FenceDeckDallas.com are chosen for building a deck, you can rest assured that the wood deck installation will be carried out in the most professional manner possible, with careful attention to every aspect of the wood deck construction process. Treated pine decking as seen in the photograph to the side, but we also proudly offer pressure treated decks constructed from the finest cedar decking and redwood decking as well as other reliable outdoor decking materials.

 Wood Decks in constant demand in Dallas.

Wood Decks or patios are in constant demand among discerning Dallas homeowners, and FenceDeckDallas.com has established itself as the leading Dallas metro area outdoor contractor by building and installing pressure treated decks that add to the value, enjoyment and pleasure of homes in the area. We build our reputation each time we build a backyard deck, because our decks last for years thanks to the quality of workmanship and materials that we always insist on no matter the size or style of wooden deck that is best for you. That is why our customers always recommend us to their friends and neighbors who are amazed by their wooden decks, especially when it turns out that the cost of building a deck is far less than they had expected.

 Wood Decks pricing

Wood Decks pricing including but not limited to pressure treated decking are at their lowest level in recent times, and thanks to our relationships with our suppliers who extend us preferential treatment because of our position as leaders on the wood deck construction market in the Dallas area, indeed the cost of building a deck with the expert FenceDeckDallas.com team of experienced craftsmen is lower than it has ever been.

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